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How We Can Do It

The Nature Needs Half science team has developed a strategy to halt the world’s extinction crisis through the conservation of 50% of the Earth’s landmass in large interconnected areas. The protection of these areas will come in many forms and will accommodate compatible human uses wherever possible.

Led by Eric Dinerstien, the NNH team has identified and mapped 846 ecoregions on earth.  They have documented the current percentage of protection of each ecoregion, have identified important natural areas where 50% protection has already happened, and found many others where it is within reach. 

They have developed an interactive map to show all the world’s ecoregions and their percentage of protection to guide this effort.

To the Interactive Map

The development of this ecoregion map is described in a paper in BioScience,  “An Ecoregion-Based Approach to Protecting Half the Terrestrial Realm”. 

Read the paper here.